Tarang HouseFull – Watch Promos of Telefilms

Watch Tarang HouseFull Telefilms – Promos

Watch Promos of Tarang HouseFull Telefilms

“Hit Filmon Ka Superhit Jorr”

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Here are the first look trailers of much awaited Telefilms that are the remakes of Classic Pakistani Hit Movies. This is a joint venture of Tarang & Geo Films in the effort of reviving the memories of Classic Pakistani Super Hit Films.

Tarang Housefull will present classics such as Anjuman (Sara Loren & Imran Abbas), Aaina , Armaan (Fawad Khan & Amina Sheikh), Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri (Ahsan Khan, Sarwat Gillani & Sanam Saeed), Devar Bhabhi (Sami Khan & Saima) and Abhi Tou Mein Jawan Hoon (Bushra Ansari, Atiqa Odho, Saba Hameed & Meekal Zulfiqar) with a modern twist, making them relevant to today’s audiences. There will be re-mixes of hit songs of the respective movies that are sung by our current singers to pay tribute to the legends.

We all are really looking forward to this effort of Tarang & Geo Films and congratulate them on their brilliant effort.

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Below are the teasers of the songs, enjoy them!

Devar Bhabhi – Hip Hip Hurray featuring Sami Khan & Saima

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Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon – Featuring Bushra Ansari, Atiqa Odho Saba Hameed & Mekaal Zulfiqar

Dil Mera Dharkan Teri – Kiya Hai Jo Pyar featuring Ahsan Khan, Sanam Saeed & Sarwat Gillani

Anjuman – Aap Ki Dil Ki Anjuman Main featuring Sara Loren (aka Mona Lisa) & Imran Abbas

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And now here is the teaser of the most awaited song & telefilm “Armaan” – Ko Ko Koreena featuring Fawad Khan & Amina Sheikh
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