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Humaima Malik (Malick)

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Humaima Malik Pictures

Date of Birth: 18 November 1987, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

Name: Humaima Malik, or Humaima Abbasi or Malick

Height: 5.7 ft (1.70m)


Humaima Malick right from her teen years was inclined towards modelling. She says she used to look at the models of her youth time and imitate their catwalk. It is said right from then she had the right style, figure and attitude of a model. Once she was signed by a fashion show, and her parents approved – it was still during her middle teen years; this was the beginning of a career for Humaima Malik.

She did her  first ramp walk for a fashion show for a well known fashion designer Deepak Perwani. Humaima got the best start to a career anyone could get. Later, Humaima signed Saqib Malik’s Fair & Lovely campaign. Later, took part in Pepsi campaign also. She was on the right track to become a successful model. She then appeared in many advertisements including a Telenor commercial and other few.

Her actual success came in drama Akbari Asghari – where Humaima co-starred with Sanam Baloch in one of the best serial of its kind in this era. At the same time while Humaima was enjoying the success of Akbari Asghari, she was asked by leading film director of Pakistan, Shoaib Mansoor to play an important role in his upcoming film Bol. This movie upon it release, became the biggest hit in Pakistan in years – and its business abroad was good too. In India, particularly, this movie was well appreciated. Therefore, this led to further fame of Humaima Malik and more success in the near future. Humaima says she is targeting to reach Bollywood as well and win the hearts of many more. Let’s see how much more is she yet to add to her brilliant start-off to a TV career.

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